1. Lifelike
    Jeff Williams

  2. Power Of Love
    Gene Jackson

  3. Criss Cross
    Tori Freestone & Alcyona Mick

  4. Blues for Maggie
    Zhenya Strigalev

  5. Traveling Pulse
    Cloudmakers Five

  6. TWIO
    Walter Smith III

  7. VISTA
    Julian Siegel Quartet

  8. Life of Sensitive Creatures
    Tony Tixier

  9. Embodied Hope
    Andrew Bain

  10. Sovereign
    Oli Rockberger

  11. Unfiltered Universe
    Rez Abbasi

  12. Hybrid
    Jure Pukl & Matija Dedić

  13. Moment Frozen
    Dee Byrne's 'Entropi'

  14. Fistfight at the Barndance
    Gareth Lockrane

  15. The Other River
    Joel Harrison

  16. Ask, Seek, Knock
    Samuel Eagles' SPIRIT

  17. More Powerful
    George Colligan

  18. Quinsin Nachoff's Ethereal Trio
    Quinsin Nachoff

  19. Tether
    Hayden Prosser

  20. Sleight of Hand

  21. Waller
    Mark Lewandowski

  22. Counteraction

  23. Thank You for Coming to Life
    Kenny Warren Quartet

  24. Time Being
    Tim Armacost

  25. Satori
    Josephine Davies

  26. The Reasons Don't Change
    Henry Spencer

  27. Live In Brooklyn
    John O'Gallagher

  28. Roots Of Unity
    Escape Hatch

  29. Infinitude
    Ingrid and Christine Jensen

  30. The Darkening Blue
    Andre Canniere

  31. We Drift Meridian
    Monocled Man (Rory Simmons)

  32. What Doesn't Kill You
    Ryan Quigley

  33. New Focus On Song
    Euan Stevenson & Konrad Wiszniewski

  34. El Barranco
    Tori Freestone Trio

  35. Brand New Day
    Donna Lewis

  36. City Of Poets
    Jason Palmer and Cédric Hanriot

  37. Preston-Glasgow-Lowe
    Preston Glasgow Lowe

  38. Never Group
    Zhenya Strigalev

  39. Outlier
    Jeff Williams

  40. Mettã
    Matt Ridley

  41. While We're Still Young
    Patrick Cornelius

  42. Mells Bells
    Sam Crockatt Quartet

  43. Power Of 10
    New York Standards Quartet


  45. New Cities
    Kora Band

  46. Tetra
    Julian Argüelles Tetra

  47. Paradigm Shift
    Michael Janisch

  48. Range
    Pete McCann

  49. Spirit House
    Joel Harrison

  50. Strata
    Ivo Neame

  51. Woodwork
    Matthew Stevens

  52. The Cut Off Point
    Phil Robson

  53. String Theory

  54. Spring Rain
    Samuel Blaser

  55. At Black Tornado
    Mikkel Ploug

  56. Can Of Worms
    George Crowley

  57. Panacea
    Tam de Villiers

  58. The Gate
    Phil Donkin

  59. Zero Sum World
    Ant Law

  60. Robin Goodie
    Zhenya Strigalev's Smiling Organizm

  61. Andromeda
    Alex Garnett's Bunch of 5

  62. Too Much Love (Deluxe Edition)
    Euan Burton

  63. Red Circle
    Simon Purcell

  64. Groove Or Die
    Paul Jackson Trio

  65. Orbital
    Max Luthert

  66. We Make The Rules
    Jochen Rueckert

  67. Abstract Forces
    Cloudmakers Trio

  68. Swamp

  69. Forward In All Directions
    Andy Milne & Dapp Theory

  70. The New Straight Ahead

  71. Devotion
    Marko Churnchetz

  72. China Lane
    Alice Zawadzki

  73. First Meeting - Live In London (Volume 1)
    Lee Konitz, Dan Tepfer, Michael Janisch, Jeff Williams

  74. Views from The Inside
    JC Sanford Orchestra

  75. Authority Melts From Me
    Bobby Avey

  76. Southern Drawl
    Monocled Man (Rory Simmons)

  77. In The Chop House
    Tori Freestone

  78. Multiplicity
    Leave The Door Open (Joel Harrison & Anupam Shobhakar)

  79. Halftime
    Rachael Cohen

  80. Points Of View
    The Bannau Trio

  81. Some Other Time
    Nick Vayenas

  82. Coalescence
    Andre Canniere

  83. Sabotage And Celebration
    John Escreet

  84. Thymos
    Matt Ridley Trio

  85. Colorfield
    Romain Pilon

  86. Sutures and Stitches
    Ollie Howell

  87. Mike Gibbs + 12 play Gil Evans
    Mike Gibbs

  88. Infinite Blue
    Patrick Cornelius

  89. The Anton Webern Project
    John O'Gallagher

  90. The Listener
    Jeff Williams

  91. Towards the Centre of Everything
    Sam Crowe

  92. Light at Night
    Dave Hamblett

  93. The Glimpse
    Robert Mitchell

  94. The Strut
    Gareth Lockrane

  95. New Focus
    Konrad Wiszniewski & Euan Stevenson

  96. Banned in London
    Aruán Ortiz & Michael Janisch

  97. Fear of Flying
    Tom Gibbs

  98. Live in London at Pizza Express
    Cloudmakers Trio ft Ralph Alessi

  99. Nick Vayenas
    Nick Vayenas

  100. Smiling Organizm
    Zhenya Strigalev

  101. Occurrences
    Euan Burton

  102. Paper Universe
    George Crowley

  103. Traveling Song
    The TransAtlantic Collective

  104. Cohesion

  105. Forward Space
    Andre Canniere

  106. The Immeasurable Code
    Phil Robson

  107. Another Time
    Jeff Wlliams

  108. Do or Die
    Mark McKnight

  109. Serpent
    Alex Garnett

  110. Fierce
    Patrick Cornelius

  111. Purpose Built
    Michael Janisch


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